Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Amazon Prime to the Christmas Shopping Rescue!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween weekend! My little man is 2 years old and he was the most adorable Frankenstein you will ever see! Although he still didn't quite grasp the trick-or-treating part, his daddy and I had a blast taking him around to visit this year!

I love this time of year when Fall is officially here! Although it is by far one of the busier seasons, I just love the cooler air and the hustle and bustle of the crowds preparing for the upcoming holidays! I have discovered an amazing secret to help me with my holiday shopping. I actually discovered it by accident last year, and it literally saved me hundreds of dollars in taxes for my Christmas gifts.

If you haven't tried out Amazon Prime - it is simply amazing. I buy a lot of books from and I was offered the opportunity to try Amazon Prime out for free for 30 days. This amazing tool offered by Amazon gives you the option to buy a product form Amazon's own store for a set amount, but you get your item in 2 days for free! No shipping costs or taxes!

Well, last year my plan was to order a few books and cancel Amazon Prime before I got charged for a full year's worth of this program. Naturally, I log in a day late and have already been charged $75 dollars for an entire year! My dear hubby was a little upset with me over it, so I decided to get my use out of it for Christmas.

Amazon has a large selection of products ranging from books to clothing to camping accessories. So, about 80% of my Christmas shopping last year was done online with the click of a button. And 2 days later, I had the item in my hands! I am not exaggerating when I tell you I save literally hundreds utilizing this service. And to think it was all by accident! I actually have paid to renew my Amazon Prime account for another year - and yes, I plan on doing the majority of my Christmas shopping online again this year with! If you haven't tried this out - now is the time to do it. The free trial is the best if it's being offered. Just be sure to call and cancel BEFORE it expires!

Happy Shopping Everyone!

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