Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Advertising Opportunity for Those in Direct Sales

Okay guys,

As you all know, I have started a PLR website with another writer friend of mine. We are selling PLR articles to those who have online businesses and are constantly in need of new, fresh content. Well, what we are also doing is providing a free report to anyone who signs up for our newsletter. This report is called "A Guide to Making Extra Money From Home" and it is designed to educate our reades about the different ways they can earn extra money from home. One of the sections in the report is about Direct Sales Companies such as Pampered Chef, Scentsy, Usborne Books, etc... and we are offering to feature one representative for each of the direct sales companies below. I am going to explain in a little more detail for you about this opportunity and how it works.

What I am offering in this report is a chance for one representative from each company the opportunity to advertise for $10. How it works is you provide me the link to your personal website and deposit $10 into my paypal account and I will insert your individual link into the report under your company’s name. For example, a representative from Scentsy sends me $10 with her website link. I take that link and insert it in the report so when a reader clicks to on Scentsy to learn more about the company it goes to that representative’s website.
The people reading this report will be looking for ways to make money from home – therefore, they will be looking at companies with the interest of becoming a future rep or consultant, as well as, a customer. Aside from sending this report to my current subscribers, this report will also be the free report that people receive when they sign up for my newsletter both now and in the future – therefore, your business will continue to be in front of new readers on a daily basis!

There is only room for one representative and I will take the one who contacts me first. However, if you contact me and don’t send the $10 to the paypal account within 24 hours, then I will take the next representative in line. I will also send you a link to the free report so you can see that your website is the one featured for your company. The report will be available Thursday, so you will receive the link then.

I need a representative for each of the following companies. If you are a representative for a company that is not listed below and you would like the same opportunity, please contact me and I’ll add you! Email me at and put your company’s name and the current time in the subject line. Thank you!

Bath & Body

• Enchanted Potions

• Jordan Essentials

• Sensaria


• Barefoot Books

• Bookwise

• Usborne Books


• For Every Home

• Gold Canyon

• Luminaries

• Mia Bella Candles

• Northern Lights at Home

• Scentsy

• Soylicious


• Discovery Toys

• Noah’s Ark


• aPriori Beauty

• Avon

• BeautiControl

• Botanical Swiss Skincare & Nutrients

• Jafra

• Mary Kay

• Nu Skin

• SeneGence

• Seriesse International

• Soul Purpose

• Votre Vu


• Heritage Makers


• Country Gourmet Home

• Dove Chocolate at Home

• Greeting Cake Company

• Gourmet Cupboard

• Homemade Gourmet

• Jerky Direct

• Kat’s Coffees

• Tastefully Simple

• My Harvest America

• Traveling Vineyard

• Two Sisters Gourmet

• Wild Tree

• Wine Shop at Home

Gifts/Basket Companies

• Cello in a Box

• Initials, Inc.

• Maddy Moo Creations

• La Bella Baskets

• Longaberger

• Thirty-One Gifts

Greeting Cards

• Send Out Cards

Health & Wellness

• Acai Plus

• Beach Body

• Drink Act

• Fruta Vida

• Fun Unlimited

• GBG Health Products

• It Works Marketing

• Juice Plus

• Million Dollar Body

• OnlyGreen

• Power Pops

• Reliv

• Shaklee

• Tahitian Noni

• Trivita

• US Aloe

• Vemma

• Vitamark

• Watkins

• Winalite

• Xango

• Yoli

• Young Living Essentials


• At Home America

• Home and Garden Party

• Pampered Chef

• Princess Home

• Private Quarters

• Signature Homestead

• Southern Living at Home

• Entertaining at Home

• Tupperware


• AuraStella

• Cookie Lee

• GemStyle

• Gold Partying

• Guy & Eva

• Inspiranza Designs

• Jewels by Park Lane

• Jimer Jewelry

• Jolica

• Just Jewelry

• Kele & Co.

• Latasia

• Lia Sophia

• Lokelani Designs

• Marcia Miller Collection

• Premier Designs

• Silpada

• Stella and Dot

• Touchstone Crystal

Miscellaneous Products

• TamPogo


• Booty Parlor

• Brown Bag Party

• For Your Pleasure

• Love U Parties

• Passion Parties

• Pure Romance

• Slumber Parties

• Temptations Parties



• Coastal


Monday, June 14, 2010

PLR Articles Today Grand Opening!

Okay, so -FINALLY I can announce that the PLR article website I've been working so hard to complete (with the help of another talented writer) is finally up and running! Today we have announced our Grand Opening with a big sale. We are offering anyone who orders to save 15% by entering the coupon code "GRAND" at the checkout. Additionally, if you order $25 or more, then you will receive an extra 10% - for a total of 25% off!

Now, I know that not many of you have any idea what PLR articles are or what they can be used for. Well, PLR stands for Private Label Rights and what that means is that the articles you purchase in a pack are yours to do with what you want. We just require you don't sell them or pass them out to others. PLR articles are used for people who have websites that require unique content on a regular basis. For example, affiliate marketers who need to provide up-to-date information on the site or blog. PLR content can even be used to create eBooks, newsletters and special reports. The article packs may seem to be pretty cheap, but that is because they are sold to more than one person. On our website we have listed how many article packs we've sold of each pack.

If you need updated content for your website or blog, then visit us at! If you need a specific pack, then let me know and I'll make get it out to you. Just understand that if will be put up on the website for sale to others. To get the most out of PLR content, it is best to rewrite it so that it appears unique to the search engines. Also, find some related keywords and plug them in to help it rank higher in google.

So, that's my exciting news today! I hope everyone is having a great Monday and I will be updating y'all a little later in the week! And, for those of you who don't quite understand the whole business of Private Label Rights articles, I've posted a couple of helpful books below.

Friday, June 4, 2010

News! Come and Get It!

Ah! It's already June 4th! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were in disbelief 2010 was already here and now it's half gone. Well, as you've probably noticed - I have not posted in about 2 months. I'm such a slacker I know, but I've actually been really busy here lately.

In the past 2 months my freelance writing load has increased some and I've had time to start a couple of other big projects. I'm super excited about this because I'm in the home stretch with my first project. Another freelance writer and I have teamed up to create a PLR content website. It's not ready for business yet, but we are putting the finishing touches on it today and the first of next week - so hopefully, by next Friday we will have our Grand Opening! You can visit our website to find original and unique Private Label Rights content to use for your various websites or blogs! But, later to come on that once we're ready to open the doors.

I have also started creating some various affiliate marketing websites to help generate some passive income. I'm just getting those started, but am pretty excited about this new endeavor also. I am ready to start bringing in some residual income and this is a great way to go about doing it. So, those are the two new irons I have in the fire right now - and the reason I've been neglecting my personal blog.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far! I will be updating you with the launch date of our PLR site next week sometime! Have a great and safe weekend!