Friday, June 4, 2010

News! Come and Get It!

Ah! It's already June 4th! Where has the time gone? It seems like just yesterday we were in disbelief 2010 was already here and now it's half gone. Well, as you've probably noticed - I have not posted in about 2 months. I'm such a slacker I know, but I've actually been really busy here lately.

In the past 2 months my freelance writing load has increased some and I've had time to start a couple of other big projects. I'm super excited about this because I'm in the home stretch with my first project. Another freelance writer and I have teamed up to create a PLR content website. It's not ready for business yet, but we are putting the finishing touches on it today and the first of next week - so hopefully, by next Friday we will have our Grand Opening! You can visit our website to find original and unique Private Label Rights content to use for your various websites or blogs! But, later to come on that once we're ready to open the doors.

I have also started creating some various affiliate marketing websites to help generate some passive income. I'm just getting those started, but am pretty excited about this new endeavor also. I am ready to start bringing in some residual income and this is a great way to go about doing it. So, those are the two new irons I have in the fire right now - and the reason I've been neglecting my personal blog.

I hope all of you are enjoying your summer so far! I will be updating you with the launch date of our PLR site next week sometime! Have a great and safe weekend!

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