Friday, January 8, 2010

Expecting A New Family Memeber!!

I am so excited, but before I get to that I have to start from the beginning so you know why I'm excited. About 4 years ago, my husband and I began looking for the perfect dog for us. After researching many breeds, we decided on a Bichon Frise. They are wonderful pets because they don't shed, love people, don't have the "doggy" smell and are great for those with allergies. Plus, they are super cute and have charming personalities!

So, we found a nearby breeder and put a deposit down and a few months later, we got our puppy. Casper was a wonderful dog and we loved him dearly. However, when I became pregnant with our son, we decided to find him another loving home because we knew that he would not get the attention he deserved when the baby arrived. Bichons need a lot of attention and I felt that he shouldn't have to go without and would be happier with a family with older children. So, as painful as it was, we found him a new home and said good-bye.

My son is now 2, and my husband and I have missed our little Bichon terribly. So, we decided to start looking for another one. The only problem I had with Casper, was that I did not do enough research on the breeder we purchased him from. It turned out to be a very-nice-looking puppy mill. So, as a result his breeding was poor and he had several health problems that could have been prevented. So, this time I decided we were going to do this right and find a good reputable breeder - knowing this would ultimately cost us more up front.

Well, I found a breeder who has exceptional Bichons with equally exceptional bloodlines. So, we put a deposit down for a puppy out of a litter expected in July, 2010. This future puppy's father comes from the JR lineage - JR was the Bichon Frise who won Westminister in 2001! And the mother's parents were both imported from Brazil and have champion bloodlines also. The best part was that, considering the pedigree, the price for the puppy was not bad at all! The only downside was having to wait 7 months to get our puppy - I might as well be pregnant myself! lol.

Well, yesterday I received an email from the breeder telling me that due to health issues she is having to make the decision to move across the country to live with her son and his family. So, she won't be planning any more litters as she is needing to move by April 1st. However, she had 3 dogs that she thought I would be interested in. You see, she is having to find homes for all of her dogs - except 3. Well, she has a puppy named "Barbie" that is 7 month old, 90% housebroken and has the exact same bloodlines as the future puppy we had put a deposit down for! So, we agreed to take her - and, we get her next Wednesday!!

As you can see from her picture above, she is adorable! And, the breeder had kept her from a previous litter to breed because she adheres to the breed's standards! I am just so excited to be getting our puppy so much sooner - AND I don't have to potty train her, how cool is that? My husband and I are thinking about changing her name though. Do you have any suggestions?

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