Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We Survived...

The holidays! And, if you're reading this, then you did too. I recently watched Four Christmases with my husband, and I can relate to the idea of just wanting to say "the heck with it all," and go on killer vacations at this time...but, I'm only 27 and haven't been around my family long enough to get that fed up yet. Give me time...because I'm sure, in a few more years, I'll be there! Please don't misunderstand - I love my family, but I am always ready for the holidays to end and life to go back to normal.

This year, life getting back to normal has not gone as smoothly compared to previous years as we've had a number of changes occur last year. The biggest change is that my husband has a new job, which has its pros and cons. The career change was a much needed change and that, as well as the compensation, has been well worth it. However, it has been a bit of a challenge because I do not see him as often due to long hours. The second difference is that I now have a 26 month old (2 years 2 months) running around the house, throwing toys, getting into everything and throwing random tantrums. Lastly, I have started a new career of my own. I have talked about it a little on here before, but in the middle of September, I started a freelance writing business and it has been going well ever since. I now have a website up and am getting my own clients and writing on a consistent basis.

Add all of those changes together and you get a chaotic post-Christmas. Here it is January 5th, 2010, and I am just now finding the time to blog - at 1:30 in the morning! But, things are finally starting to slow down again and get back to normal - whatever that is. My son and I are back into our normal daily routine of watching cartoons, playing, writing, eating and napping. Well, he's the one napping while I'm cleaning up the house and preparing it for another whirlwind of activity later in the afternoon.

I am excited about my newfound career and the pace at which I am working. Of course, I can only work part-time and successfully manage everything else in my home, but even my part-time goals have been exceeded. I am hoping this year to increase my work load a little and become a little more efficient with my time management. If anyone has any tips on how to do this with a 2 yr. old, please let me know! As far as my general goals are concerned, I will just be happy if I am able to keep my house in a somewhat orderly shape and presentable - at least 3 days out of the week!

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