Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's That Time Of The Year Again...

All you ladies out there who have a sports fan for a husband know what "that time of the year" is. That's right - it's football season! I grew up in a home where it was tradition every year to watch Monday Night Football....and any other day of the week a football game might be on. I have to tell you that I like watching football, especially the Dallas Cowboys. I can't help it all you Philly/Washington fans - I was raised that way!

My father, brother and grandfather were all relieved when they realized that my future husband was also a football fan and, even better, a Cowboys fan. Remember I said I am a football fan...well, I am a football fan, but please take note that I did not say I was a fanatical football fan - not even the tiniest bit of a fanatic. To my husband's dismay, it doesn't bother me if we miss the football game on Sunday night, Monday night or any of the other nights football may be playing. That's right, while I am a still a football fan at heart, I am perfectly fine reading about the previous night's game the next morning from the front page of the sports section.

Well, now for the past several years (due to all this new technology) us wives have an even more exciting thing to look forward to during football season and, guessed's FANTASY FOOTBALL! My husband tried out fantasy football for the first time three seasons ago and he has been hooked ever since. In fact, he is in the other room on his computer right now intently staring at the screen fighting for the best players for his latest team during the LIVE draft. Yes, I said "latest team," why you ask? Because this year we have expanded and now have 2 fantasy teams.

I actually like the concept of fantasy football - but since I am not an avid football addict, I wouldn't make the best team manager because I am only familiar with the players on the Dallas Cowboys - and really, I'm only really familiar with the players who make the big plays. Now, while I like the concept of fantasy football I have noticed over the past three years that fantasy football sucks those football fans in even deeper then before. (I really didn't think that was possible 4 years ago) Not only do we have to watch our favorite team play now - we have to make sure we catch the games that any of our fantasy players are on in real life too. Why? Because our fantasy team scores points based on the performance of our players in their real life games - so we can't miss those games!

It really was an ingenious idea for the sports industry. In fact, a study that was done in 2008 reported that in 2007 there were 29.9 million people ages 12 and up in the U.S. and Canada playing a fantasy sport. Not only that, the industry is now an $800 million dollar industry! Can you believe that?! Well, it's no wonder that in 1998 the Fantasy Sports Trade Association was formed. I hope those of you who are reading this who do not have a football fan in the house, but have another type of sports fan in the house, are not smirking to yourself right now because I'm about to burst your bubble. You are not exempt from this just because you are not the proud owner of a football fan - no sport is safe now! There are currently fanatsy leagues for: Football, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Soccer, Ice Hockey, Wrestling and even Golf! So, I bet you aren't so smug now, huh?

I have to say that after doing a little bit of research on the whole fantasy football league, I am much happier now that I know it could be worse. If my husband wants to play fantasy football - even have 2 teams - that's okay, at least we aren't playing fantasy baseball, basketball and golf too. I would never get to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 then! Hopefully, he won't read this blog post and realize there are (in my opinion) endless fantasy sports leagues!!


Kobe's Mommy said...

I hear you girl. Jeff has two fantasy football teams too! Ugh and honestly I could care less about football. So when he's watching it I'm either on here doing something or in bed lol. So I feel your pain oh and you forgot one of the fantasy leagues. Racing has one too! So I am like you I am glad he only has football.

DelRae said...

Yeah, after seeing all the fantasy leagues I definately feel relieved that this is the only one he does. It does make the games more interesting for me though knowing the players that he has on his teams.