Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Fresh Mixers by Healthy Choice

I have heard them advertised on television, but never made it a point to go and pick one up to try. But, the other day as I was cruising along the canned food aisle looking for some green beans, I noticed that directly across the aisle from me were these cute, little, and stackable green-lidded containers. I admit it was the "cute" factor that caught my attention, but regardless, I reached up and grabbed one. I was surprised to see that I had found the Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers.

These are the little things that you see on television where they just add water to it and pop it in the microwave and then the lid acts as a strainer. Then finally you just stir in the sauce mix. The selling point for me was that it contained almost 7 ounces of pasta and the pasta was made with whole grain wheat flour and it contained no partially-hydrogenated oils! As if that were not enough, there were only 300 calories total, 28g whole grain, 4g of fat, 11g of sugar and 10g of protein. Oh, and only 30 calories were from fat! Did I mention these are healthy?!

So, I decided to try one out that evening on my unsuspecting son, because his daddy was preparing chili and it is way to spicy for my little man. After I had steamed the pasta in the microwave, I stirred in the "marinara sauce," which consisted of fire roasted onions in tomato sauce. Then, took it over to my son and gave him his first bite, to which he responded, "More. Good." He ate the whole thing minus a bite or two from me!

If you have not tried these things, they are wonderful! They are healthy, taste great, and are filling...all for only $2.84 each! It is a great low-cost solution when you need a good meal, but don't have the time to cook.

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