Monday, September 21, 2009

Tumbling for Toddlers

I decided, and then convinced, my husband a few months ago that we needed to enroll our son (3 weeks shy of 2) in a tumbling class. My husband was very skeptical, and I think the majority of it was because tumbling is not considered a "manly" sport. Nonetheless, he agreed that Dalen could learn a lot of necessary skills while participating in the class. And besides, 2 is a little young to be enrolling him in football. :)

So, the first class was the week before Memorial Day and it did not go that well. Naturally, this was the one class my husband has been able to attend. Dalen loved jumping on the trampoline, but couldn't understand that he had to wait his turn and that we also couldn't spend the entire class period on the trampoline. So, the majority of that class was spent crying and trying to get back to the trampoline.

Well, today was the 3rd class we've had and Dalen has already learned so much. He made it through the entire class without crying and he patiently waited his turn for the trampoline. Even better than that was that he did the other activities and seemed to enjoy them. I am so glad that we decided to sign him up and keep him in it. It is never to early to teach our children structure. I mean, I can only do so much at home where there aren't any other children. But I can already see the benefits of putting him in an environment with other children where he has to learn structure. It will save us a lot of headaches in the future if he learns these things now rather than when he is 5 and starting kindergarten.

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