Monday, July 12, 2010

Such a Short Trip

Okay, well I'm just updating everyone with the fact that after a whirlwind weekend, we are finally back home. It was such a crazy weekend. We left Friday morning at 3am and arrived in Alabama at around 4:30pm. Then we spent all day Saturday visiting with family and attending my cousin's wedding that night. (The wedding was so pretty. It was outdoors by a lake, very small and intimate - such a gorgeous wedding and my cousin was beautiful!) Anyways, after breakfast with the family Sunday morning, we were back on our way home to Oklahoma. We made it home around midnight. So, needless to say I'm exhausted!

And, I'm here to report that our little man did wonderful on both of the long car rides. We brought movies, toys and snacks. And on Thursday night Beau even found a piece of plywood and covered it with some extra vinyl flooring to make him a little table so he could play with toys on. The movies and toys kept our little man entertained and he did take a few naps on the road too! So, no complaints here. Except our trip was way too short! I already miss my family and want to go back.

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